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Long-Term Fiscal Plan to Protect Economy & Preserve PFD's

After listening to the conc‚Äčerns from Alaskans, House Republicans offer a comprehensive fiscal plan with no income tax and no Permanent Fund Dividend cap.

Increasing Involvement and Access to Legislative Session

Representatives Colleen Sullivan-Leonard and George Rauscher have introduced a bill to move the legislative session onto the road system which will give more Alaskan's access to state government.

Republicans Strongly Oppose Budget Passed Through House

House Republicans strongly opposed an operating budget from House Democrats, and those aligned with them, that ultimately hurts Alaskans by growing government, lowering value in the permanent fund and relying on an income tax not in place.

Increasing Food Donations and Lowering Food Waste

Alaska could easily reduce the amount of food waste while increasing the amount of food donated to food banks and charitable organizations through a bill Rep. David Talerico.

Permanent Fund Dividend Land Sale

Representative David Talerico introduces a bill to create a fair and equitable way for the State to offer quality land to Alaskans in exchange for their PFD.

Bill Hurting Alaska’s Oil and Gas Industry Moves to House Finance

House Republicans oppose the oil and gas tax bill introduced by House Resources Democratic Co-Chairs.
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