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House Republicans Firmly Against Mismanagement of Alaskans' Time

Knowing that Alaskans have asked the Legislature to concentrate on the budget and the state's fiscal future, House Republicans could not support this unrestricted use of time and money.

Alaskans Shielded From Harmful Income Tax With Latest Vote

House Republican “No” votes are strengthened today by Senators who also stand against an economically-damaging income tax. HB115 failed to pass the Senate in a 15-4 vote.

Dangerous Precedent Set With Censure

House Republicans continue to condemn the offensive comments made by Representative David Eastman to a media outlet last week. Never in the history of the Alaska House of Representatives has there been censure of a member.

House Republican Caucus Statement on Comments by Rep. Eastman

Alaska House Republicans issue a statement on the comments made this week by Rep. David Eastman.

House Republicans Push Back Against Taxation Agenda

House Republicans listened to several tax models during a House Finance Committee meeting that would cripple the state’s economy by unfairly pinching the pockets of hardworking Alaskans.

Statements on Reversal of Arctic Leasing Ban

Republican House Resource Members cheer the renewed opportunity for Alaska’s Arctic development following an executive order by President Donald Trump.
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