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Survivors' Benefits Bill Signed Into Law

Representative Charisse Millett (R-Anchorage) shares in the joy and relief felt today as the bill providing insurance for dependents of deceased firefighters and police officers is signed into law.

House Republicans Stand Ready to Work on Budget

House Republicans reach out to Speaker of the House Bryce Edgmon asking for his, and his caucus’s, cooperation on passing a compromise budget.

Political Games Put Above Alaskans’ Best Interest

The Democrat-led House continues to block progress in the second week of the special session in a political game to win support for their tax plans, making losers of everyday Alaskans facing the growing threat of lost services and economic disruption.

State Fiscal Work Stalls as House Democrats Take a Break

With the Alaska Legislature nearly a week into special session – and only about a week from sending “pink slip” layoff notices – a key conference committee is not even scheduled to meet. The House Majority is responsible for setting operating budget conference committee meetings.

House Republicans Firmly Against Mismanagement of Alaskans' Time

Knowing that Alaskans have asked the Legislature to concentrate on the budget and the state's fiscal future, House Republicans could not support this unrestricted use of time and money.

Alaskans Shielded From Harmful Income Tax With Latest Vote

House Republican “No” votes are strengthened today by Senators who also stand against an economically-damaging income tax. HB115 failed to pass the Senate in a 15-4 vote.
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