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Saddler selected for National Military & Veterans Task Force Co-Chair

At the National Conference of State Legislatures, Representative Dan Saddler (Eagle River/ JBER) was selected as co-chair of the Military & Veterans Affairs Task Force in recognition of his passionate efforts to help those who serve, or have served, the nation in uniform.

Door-to-Door Paving Scam Prompts Statewide Warning

A new scam is coming right to Alaskans front door and Representative Tammie Wilson (R-North Pole) is encouraging people to be aware so they do not fall victim.

Deal Balances Cost-Savings and Industry Incentives

On the final day of the second special session a compromise is met which will save the state $200 mil this year and protect oil investment for years to come.

Rauscher Demands Explanation for Delta Jct. Area Park Cuts

Representative George Rauscher is seeking information from the Governor’s office and the Department of Natural Resources as to the reasons why the state parks and recreation sites in the Delta Junction area had the rangers cut in the operating budget.

House Republicans Support Cutting Cash Payments to Oil Companies

House Republicans are glad to see a proposal on oil cash payments (HB111), brought forward by the Senate Majority, which they can get behind.

Rep. Wilson outraged by continued support of OCS at the expense of Alaskan families

Representative Tammie Wilson (R- North Pole) is outraged by Governor Walker and Commissioner Davidson’s continued support and protection of the Office of Children Services despite its on-going troubling issues highlighted by the media.
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