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Statements on Reversal of Arctic Leasing Ban

Republican House Resource Members cheer the renewed opportunity for Alaska’s Arctic development following an executive order by President Donald Trump.

Fighting Alaska Hunger Gains Bipartisan Support

Alaska lawmakers move a bill that will help fill the stomachs of hungry Alas‚Äčkans across the state while also reducing unnecessary food waste.

House Majority Forces Unnecessary "Tax Working Alaskans Act"

House Republicans stood resolutely against an income tax, while the House Democrat-led Majority voted to take over $680 million from Alaskans by passing House Bill 115.

Agreement Between Alaska Railroad Corp and ROW Homeowners

Representative Chuck Kopp facilitates an agreement between the Alaska Railroad Corporation and Right-Of-Way adjacent homeowners.

Protecting Investments While Remaining Trustor Leader

Representative DeLena Johnson introduces a bill that will take Alaska back to the top of the National Rankings of trust managing jurisdictions.

Statements On The Passing Of Superman

Representatives Mike Chenault and Charisse Millett expresses their dearest condolences for the Fauske family following the passing of Dan Fauske.
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