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In-home Care Standards Bill

Rep. DeLena Johnson (R-Palmer) wants to ensure Alaska’s senior citizens receiving in-home care are being assisted by qualified individuals by establishing standards and qualifications.

Out-of-State Criminal Records Must Be Considered Before Releasing Offenders

Representative Chuck Kopp (R-Anchorage) supports HB 295, the Governor’s bill to toughen the updated bail and release conditions for offenders that went into effect in January.

House Republicans Statement on Fansler Resignation

“House Republicans appreciate the resignation of Representative Zach Fansler (D-Bethel) today following the accusation made against him recently. There is absolutely no excuse for dating violence..."

Rep. Millett Statement on Rep. Fansler Assault Report

With a heavy heart Representative Charisse Millett (R- Anchorage), on behalf of House Republicans, releases the following statement in regards to the report of assault by Representative Zach Fansler (D- Bethel).

No Justice for Legislative Sexual Harassment Victims

Today the Sexual Harassment Policy Subcommittee failed to request a third-party review on the handling of past and newly developed sexual harassment policies, in an effort to ensure updated policies will actually protect women, and men, working within the capitol.

Bill Reducing Food Waste, Increasing Food Donations Passes Senate

Bipartisan support on Rep. Talerico's bill, HB 186, will increase food donations and reduce food waste has passed the Senate and moves closer to becoming law.
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