Sponsor Statements

HB5 - An Act relating to payment of health benefit premiums for a surviving spouse and dependent child of certain peace officers and firefighters who die in the line of duty

HB6 - Establishing a Jonesville Public Use area

HB9 - An Act relating to the Board of Pharmacy licensing, inspection of certain facilities located outside the state, drug supply chain security and creating a position of executive administrator for the Board of Pharmacy

HB10 - Makes all Alaska's children equal by changing unequitable standards within CINA and ICWA

HB12 - Requires a court order before a child can be removed from a home outside of emergency situations 

HB24 - Helping law enforcement and state officials combat opioid epidemic

HB66 - An Act making a special appropriation from the earnings reserve account for the payment of permanent fund dividend

HB67 - Prohibiting the DHSS from requesting, accepting, or attempting to renew or extend a waiver of work requirements or time limits for an able-bodied adult, without dependents, in the food stamp program

HB68 - Disqualifying someone from the food stamp program for refusal to cooperate with the child support services agency or for past due child support payments

HB93 - Giving homeowners and homesteaders rights over their property which are at risk due to railroad right of ways

HB107 - A bill to naturally enhance Alaska fish populations

HB116 - Relating to the art requirements for certain public buildings and facilities and to the funding of works of art

HB139 - Removes OCS ability to place "Barrier Condition" on person's never convicted of a crime

HB140 - Requires a jury trial before a decision to terminate parental rights

HB156 - Authorizes municipalities to exempt or defer all or parts of real and personal property taxes by ordinance for economic development purposes

HB158 - Reducing the number of Alaska Public Offices Commission

HB161 - Requiring a vote by Alaskans before Permanent Fund earnings can be used to fund government

HB178 - Recognition of individual veterans along certain veterans' memorial roads and on certain veterans' memorial bridges

HB183 - Creating land sales through opptional use of an Alaskans PFD check

HB185 - Requiring the annual legislative session be held within the Municipality of Anchorage

HB186 - Increasing food donations and lowering food waste by removing liability for donating expired items

HB187An act protecting the Permanent Fund by using the Earnings Reserve Account, where half of the money goes first for payment of the dividend and the other half to be used on essential state services 

HB190 - Allowing requested oral testimony prior to regulation changes

HB192 - An act proposing $600 million in budget cuts over 4 years, a spending cap and a POMV draw of 50/50

HB198 - Bringing the rate of legislators per diem in line with all other State of Alaska employees

HB202 - Expanding telecommunication availability for the deaf and hard of hearing community

HB205 - Prohibiting a municipality from adopting or enforcing a policy or ordinance relating to sanctuary jurisdictions

HB206Removes barriers that make installations of satellite and high speed internet capabilities·in Alaska very costly or impractical 

HB208 - An act relating to trusts and powers of appointment

HB216 - Establishing the restorative justice account

HB250 - Providing the same level of protection for unborn children as all Alaskans as outlined in the state constitution

HB251 - Allows any Alaska judge or justice who exercises legislative power to be found guilty of malfeasance and impeached

HB216 - Using money from felons PFD's to prioritize restitution and compensation to crime victims

HCR5 - Ensuring the presiding member of each legislative body has the authority to appoint a sufficient number of members to the Committee on Committees

HJR2 - Proposing an amendment to Alaska's constitution regarding the spending limit

HJR10 - Urging Congress to pass the improved National Monument Designation Process Act

HJR15 - Encouraging the repeal of Real ID Act


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