How to prevent obesity?

The number of cases of obesity continues to increase in the world population. Unfortunately, this disease is not without its drawbacks to health. It is therefore necessary to be seriously concerned about it. Here is an article in which you will find out how to prevent obesity.

Causes of Obesity

According to’World Health Organization(WHO), obesity is characterized by « an abnormal or excessive accumulation of body fat which can be harmful to health ».

Basically, obesity is due to excessive consumption of calories and a lack of physical exercise for several years.
Moreover, the causes of this disease vary from person to person. They are often due to a combination of various factors. These include, among others:

  •  Excessive consumption of high-calorie foods
  • Insufficient or nonexistent sports activities
  • Sedentary lifestyle (staying in one position for a long time) and stress
  • Obesity genes
  • Environmental factors (economic or social situation, family)
  • Food marketing, aggressive advertising

Obesity has many health consequences, including increased risk of cardiovascular disease and reduced life expectancy.

Preventive measures against obesity

When you become obese, it is very difficult to regain your normal form because of the overload already in place. So the best way to fight obesity is prevention.

To fight against obesity, you must lose weight through a balanced diet and regular sports. This will allow you to gradually lose weight without endangering your physique or your mental health.

In addition, all parents should supervise their children from an early age so as not to let the main causes of obesity enter their lives. That is to say, they must accustom their children to sports activities, regulate the time they spend in front of the television, monitor snacking and ensure them a balanced diet.

Ultimately, to overcome obesity, you need to engage in regular physical activity and eat a healthy, balanced diet throughout your life.