Press Releases

Mat-Su House Republicans Praise New DOT Commissioner

Caucus ready to work with John MacKinnon

New House Leadership Announced

The Alaska House Republicans are proud to announce the five leadership positions for the upcoming 31st session of the Alaska Legislature.

Rep. Johnson Enthusiastic but Cautious about Gas Sales Precedent Agreement

Rep. Rauscher Calls for Review of State Voter Rolls

Convicted felon listed on a Sutton precinct register

Resource Committee Members Respond to Salmon Initiative Decision

Rep. Charisse Millett Named Guardian of Small Business

Anchorage legislator receives National Federation of Independent Business top award for small business advocacy

Rep. Dan Saddler Honored as a Guardian of Small Business

The National Federation of Independent Business award for his commitment to job creation and economic growth

Digital Hunting, Fishing and Trapping Licenses Legislation Signed into Law

Just in time for red salmon season! Rep. Saddler’s HB 260 allows Alaskans to show licenses on cellphones or paper

Crime Victims Prioritized for Under New Legislation

Victims of crime will once again be prioritized for financial compensation under new legislation signed into law and sponsored by Rep. Chuck Kopp.

New Jonesville Public Use Area Created

Hikers, bikers and recreational shooters will now be able to have a safer and more enjoyable experience in the Jonesville Area.

30th Alaska State Legislature Adjourns Sine Die

Today, the Alaska State Legislature adjourned the 30th Legislature. House Republicans remained committed to their guiding principles and conservative values, and fought for spending reductions, job creation, economic recovery, public safety and personal freedoms.

Statement from Representative Kopp on Passage of House Bill 312

Today the Alaska Legislature passed a critically important public safety bill (HB 312) co-sponsored by Rep. Chuck Kopp (R - Anchorage). He released the following statement.

Legislature OKs Digital Hunting, Fishing and Trapping Licensing in Alaska

Licenses for recreational hunting, fishing and trapping in Alaska will join the 21st century, after today’s final passage of Representative Dan Saddler’s House Bill 260 authorizing licenses to be carried electronically, as well as in traditional paper form.

Disabled and Elderly Alaskans Gain Independence with Bill Passage

Today, the Alaska Legislature passed a bill which will provide elderly Alaskans and those experiencing intellectual and developmental disabilities, a new tool to live happier, fuller, more self-directed and individualized lives.

Bill Adding Child Safety in School Zones Passes Legislature

Passage of House Bill 333 provides municipalities an additional tool for increasing student safety. The bill gives municipalities the ability to limit cell phone use while driving in a school zone.

Legislature Passes Key Piece of Legislation to Support Victims of Crimes Establishing the Restorative Justice Account

Representative Chuck Kopp (R-Anchorage) put forward House Bill 216 when he saw an unjust imbalance of the use of a fund established thirty years ago to help crime survivors. Over the years, most of the fund stopped being used for crime victims.

Updated Statutes Streamline Board of Public Accounting and Provide Cost Savings

The state will be saving money while encouraging new work for accountants and businesses through the passage of House Bill 147 sponsored by Representative Steve Thompson (R- Fairbanks).

House Urges Congress to Protect Alaska Property Rights

Property owners alongside the Alaska Railroad facing government overreach are closer to victory in a 3-year long battle thanks to the passage of House Joint Resolution 38.

Barriers Removed for Community Seed Sharing

Gardeners and community members can now participate in local seed exchanges and opportunities for seed sharing without onerous regulations on the books

Millions of Federal Dollars within Reach for Dozens of Alaska Schools

Alaska schools from South Central to Southeast are closer to a permanent re-authorization of millions of federal dollars following the passage of House Joint Resolution 29 sponsored by Representative George Rauscher (R – Valdez).

Bill Providing Disabled and Elderly Alaskans More Independence Passes House

House Bill 336, sponsored by Representative Charisse Millett (R – Anchorage), is designed to provide an alternative to full guardianship. Under HB 336 individuals will be empowered to make decisions alongside a trusted friend, family member or group.

Key Bill Supporting Crime Survivors Passes House

Today the House unanimously voted to prioritize survivors of crime through legislation introduced by Representative Chuck Kopp (R-Anchorage).

Jonesville Hikers, Riders & Shooters Closer to Safety

Alaskans who have requested a safer hiking, riding and shooting experience in the area known as Jonesville have been heard by House Representatives. Today a bill creating safety guidelines and management for the area passed the House by unanimous vote.

Rep. Johnson Statement on Casting Deciding PFD Vote

Representative DeLena Johnson (R- Palmer) released the following statement on her casting the deciding vote to amend the House operating budget to include a full dividend payment for all Alaskans.

Rep. Johnson Statement on Damaged Glenn Highway Overpass

Rep. DeLena Johnson (R-Palmer) has been in contact with the Department of Transportation regarding damage done to the South Eagle River overpass that has resulted in highway closure.

In-home Care Standards Bill

Rep. DeLena Johnson (R-Palmer) wants to ensure Alaska’s senior citizens receiving in-home care are being assisted by qualified individuals by establishing standards and qualifications.

Out-of-State Criminal Records Must Be Considered Before Releasing Offenders

Representative Chuck Kopp (R-Anchorage) supports HB 295, the Governor’s bill to toughen the updated bail and release conditions for offenders that went into effect in January.

House Republicans Statement on Fansler Resignation

“House Republicans appreciate the resignation of Representative Zach Fansler (D-Bethel) today following the accusation made against him recently. There is absolutely no excuse for dating violence..."

Rep. Millett Statement on Rep. Fansler Assault Report

With a heavy heart Representative Charisse Millett (R- Anchorage), on behalf of House Republicans, releases the following statement in regards to the report of assault by Representative Zach Fansler (D- Bethel).

No Justice for Legislative Sexual Harassment Victims

Today the Sexual Harassment Policy Subcommittee failed to request a third-party review on the handling of past and newly developed sexual harassment policies, in an effort to ensure updated policies will actually protect women, and men, working within the capitol.

Bill Reducing Food Waste, Increasing Food Donations Passes Senate

Bipartisan support on Rep. Talerico's bill, HB 186, will increase food donations and reduce food waste has passed the Senate and moves closer to becoming law.

Wilson Calls for Resignation of House Rules Chair

Representative Tammie Wilson (R-North Pole) is calling for the resignation of House Rules Chair Rep. Gabrielle LeDoux for failure to meet the requirements of her position and placing legislative staff safety at risk.

House Republicans Celebrate Opening ANWR

Alaska is open for business like never before thanks to a small portion of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge being unlocked to provide huge opportunity for resource developers.

Unbalanced Climate Team Will Cost Alaskans

During a time when Alaska should be cutting back on unnecessary spending and encouraging resource industry input and development, Governor Walker is doing the exact opposite in the eyes of Representative Mike Chenault (R-Nikiski).

Rep. Sullivan-Leonard Seeks Independent Investigation of Sexual Harassment Claims

Representative Colleen Sullivan-Leonard (R-Wasilla) implores the legislature’s Legislative Council to order an immediate, formal, independent investigation of all sexual harassment claims made during the legislative session.

Rep. Sullivan-Leonard Stands With Sen. Wilson

Rep. Colleen Sullivan-Leonard (R-Wasilla) offered her support of Senator David Wilson following his press conference regarding allegations of sexual harassment.

Lower Hillside Town Hall

Residents of Anchorage’s lower hillside will have an opportunity to engage with their elected officials on issues important to them on Saturday, December 16, 2017.

Dept. of Law Squashes ACLU’s SB 54 Allegations

Representative Lora Reinbold (R- Eagle River) is pleased to hear the state clearing up allegations raised about a portion of Senate Bill 54, a bill which increases penalties for law breakers at a time when Alaska needs it most.

'Flawed Bill' is False Argument from ACLU

Rep. Lora Reinbold (R- Eagle River) wants to correct misinformation circulating about an amendment she put forward which addresses historic levels of car theft seen in Anchorage and surrounding communities.

Marked Progress on Alaska’s Liquefied Natural Gas Pipeline

House Republican Resource Committee members and our Representative from Nikiski are positive about the potential for Alaska’s Liquefied Natural Gas to move closer towards development.

D.O.T. Imposing New Fees on Aircraft Owners

Rep. DeLena Johnson (R-Palmer) is objecting to the governor’s plan to require the Department of Transportation and Public Facilities to require private aircraft owners to register their aircraft with the state for a fee of up to $250.

Administration Attempts to Fly New Plane Fees in Under the Radar

Rep. Rauscher (R-Sutton) expressed concern over Governor Bill Walker’s plan, through the Department of Transportation and Public Facilities, to forego the legislative process and adopt a change that will require the owners of aircraft in Alaska to obtain a registration from the state.

Alaskans Want To Get Tough On Crime

After 2 weeks of discussion, debate and amendments, Alaskans finally have a bill that reflects the changes they’ve asked for when it comes to cracking down on criminals.

Timely Consideration and Passage of SB 54 Will Make Alaska Safer

Together Anchorage Representatives Chris Birch, Chuck Kopp and Jennifer Johnston express their support for the timely passage of Senate Bill 54.

Federal Budget Puts ANWR Closer to Development

All of Alaska should be cheering this latest step towards opening the 1002 Area of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge which could provide tens of thousands of jobs and additional oil in the pipeline.

Know Your Rights For Protecting Life & Property

Representative Chuck Kopp, Senator Natasha Von Imhof and John Skidmore, Director of the Criminal Division of the Alaska Department of Law, will hold an informational meeting this Friday to review citizen rights regarding protection of life and property.

House Republicans Request Poll for Holding Special Session in Anchorage

Members of the Alaska House Republican caucus are urging House Speaker Bryce Edgmon to poll the full membership of the body on the topic of holding special session in Anchorage.

Rep. Millett and Tilton Stand With Concerned Neighbors

Representatives Charisse Millett and Cathy Tilton were in attendance during a public testimony meeting and are disappointed that the Anchorage Assembly is not listening to its community members.

Statement on Proclamation from Rep. Sullivan-Leonard

“I am concerned with Governor Walkers request for the Legislative body to convene in Juneau for a fourth session is an effort to push an income tax on hard working Alaskans..."

Ready to Protect Alaskans From Crime and Taxes

After the governor released his proclamation for a 4th special session House Republicans announce they stand ready to address the issues impacting Alaskans across the state: crime and the economy.

Foster Care Children Speak Out

In her continued effort to keep families together, Representative Tammie Wilson (R-North Pole) will be holding a hearing for Alaskans who have lacked representation within the foster care system.

Rep. Millett Statement on Adding Safety Bill to Special Session

Representative Charisse Millett (R-Anchorage) thanked Governor Walker for the inclusion of Senate Bill 54, a bill to fix certain dangerous provisions passed in Senate Bill 91 last year, in his special session call.

Rep. Pruitt Statement on Adding SB 54 to Call

Rep. Pruitt released the following statement, “Thank you for protecting Alaskans by adding SB 54 to the call of this special session. While I do not believe this legislation goes far enough, it is a step in the right direction..."

Alaska-Canada Railway Would Boost Economy & Industry

A new partnership with our Canadian neighbors could soon provide the state with jobs and increased resource development. Rep. George Rauscher has just returned from Canada where he attended meetings discussing the North to Alaska project.

Alt. Highway Route Under Consideration Would Make Drivers & Fish Safer

The announcement to re-examine Sterling Highway Alternative Routes by U.S. Secretary Elaine Chao is good news for wildlife, locals and anyone who travels onto Alaska's beautiful Kenai Peninsula.

Speaker Does Not Speak For "The House"

Rep. Wilson shares why an opinion article co-authored by the Speaker of the House shows the kind of closed minded attitude Alaska needs to avoid if economic growth and long term prosperity is to be achieved.

Saddler Selected For National Military & Veterans Task Force Co-Chair

At the National Conference of State Legislatures, Representative Dan Saddler (Eagle River/ JBER) was selected as co-chair of the Military & Veterans Affairs Task Force in recognition of his passionate efforts to help those who serve, or have served, the nation in uniform.

Door-to-Door Paving Scam Prompts Statewide Warning

A new scam is coming right to Alaskans front door and Representative Tammie Wilson (R-North Pole) is encouraging people to be aware so they do not fall victim.

Deal Balances Cost-Savings and Industry Incentives

On the final day of the second special session a compromise is met which will save the state $200 mil this year and protect oil investment for years to come.

Rauscher Demands Explanation for Delta Jct. Area Park Cuts

Representative George Rauscher is seeking information from the Governor’s office and the Department of Natural Resources as to the reasons why the state parks and recreation sites in the Delta Junction area had the rangers cut in the operating budget.

House Republicans Support Cutting Cash Payments to Oil Companies

House Republicans are glad to see a proposal on oil cash payments (HB111), brought forward by the Senate Majority, which they can get behind.

Rep. Wilson outraged by continued support of OCS at the expense of Alaskan families

Representative Tammie Wilson (R- North Pole) is outraged by Governor Walker and Commissioner Davidson’s continued support and protection of the Office of Children Services despite its on-going troubling issues highlighted by the media.

Survivors' Benefits Bill Signed Into Law

Representative Charisse Millett (R-Anchorage) shares in the joy and relief felt today as the bill providing insurance for dependents of deceased firefighters and police officers is signed into law.

House Republicans Stand Ready to Work on Budget

House Republicans reach out to Speaker of the House Bryce Edgmon asking for his, and his caucus’s, cooperation on passing a compromise budget.

Political Games Put Above Alaskans’ Best Interest

The Democrat-led House continues to block progress in the second week of the special session in a political game to win support for their tax plans, making losers of everyday Alaskans facing the growing threat of lost services and economic disruption.

State Fiscal Work Stalls as House Democrats Take a Break

With the Alaska Legislature nearly a week into special session – and only about a week from sending “pink slip” layoff notices – a key conference committee is not even scheduled to meet. The House Majority is responsible for setting operating budget conference committee meetings.

House Republicans Firmly Against Mismanagement of Alaskans' Time

Knowing that Alaskans have asked the Legislature to concentrate on the budget and the state's fiscal future, House Republicans could not support this unrestricted use of time and money.

Alaskans Shielded From Harmful Income Tax With Latest Vote

House Republican “No” votes are strengthened today by Senators who also stand against an economically-damaging income tax. HB115 failed to pass the Senate in a 15-4 vote.

Dangerous Precedent Set With Censure

House Republicans continue to condemn the offensive comments made by Representative David Eastman to a media outlet last week. Never in the history of the Alaska House of Representatives has there been censure of a member.

House Republican Caucus Statement on Comments by Rep. Eastman

Alaska House Republicans issue a statement on the comments made this week by Rep. David Eastman.

House Republicans Push Back Against Taxation Agenda

House Republicans listened to several tax models during a House Finance Committee meeting that would cripple the state’s economy by unfairly pinching the pockets of hardworking Alaskans.

Statements on Reversal of Arctic Leasing Ban

Republican House Resource Members cheer the renewed opportunity for Alaska’s Arctic development following an executive order by President Donald Trump.

Fighting Alaska Hunger Gains Bipartisan Support

Alaska lawmakers move a bill that will help fill the stomachs of hungry Alas‚Äčkans across the state while also reducing unnecessary food waste.

House Majority Forces Unnecessary "Tax Working Alaskans Act"

House Republicans stood resolutely against an income tax, while the House Democrat-led Majority voted to take over $680 million from Alaskans by passing House Bill 115.

Agreement Between Alaska Railroad Corp and ROW Homeowners

Representative Chuck Kopp facilitates an agreement between the Alaska Railroad Corporation and Right-Of-Way adjacent homeowners.

Protecting Investments While Remaining Trustor Leader

Representative DeLena Johnson introduces a bill that will take Alaska back to the top of the National Rankings of trust managing jurisdictions.

Statements On The Passing Of Superman

Representatives Mike Chenault and Charisse Millett expresses their dearest condolences for the Fauske family following the passing of Dan Fauske.

New Ways to Fight Opioid Addiction Closer to Law

HB24 passes the Senate unanimously. It will provide law enforcement with new means to end the dealing and abuse of two drugs in Alaska.

After Series of Deadly Crashes Critical Road Project Restarted

After a series of deadly crashes the KGB Rd. safety upgrades project is restarted. Valley House Republicans are celebrating the news.

House Democrats' Income Tax "Leaves No Dollar Untouched"

House Bill 115 is how the Democrat-led Majority plans to dip into the pockets of Alaskans to pay for state government. There's time for Alaskans to let legislators know why they oppose an income tax.

Providing Alaskans with More Oral Testimony Opportunities

Representative David Talerico has introduced a bill allowing oral testimony at a person’s request which is currently not required under the Alaska Administrative Policy Procedure.

Long-Term Fiscal Plan to Protect Economy & Preserve PFD's

After listening to the conc‚Äčerns from Alaskans, House Republicans offer a comprehensive fiscal plan with no income tax and no Permanent Fund Dividend cap.

Increasing Involvement and Access to Legislative Session

Representatives Colleen Sullivan-Leonard and George Rauscher have introduced a bill to move the legislative session onto the road system which will give more Alaskan's access to state government.

Republicans Strongly Oppose Budget Passed Through House

House Republicans strongly opposed an operating budget from House Democrats, and those aligned with them, that ultimately hurts Alaskans by growing government, lowering value in the permanent fund and relying on an income tax not in place.

Increasing Food Donations and Lowering Food Waste

Alaska could easily reduce the amount of food waste while increasing the amount of food donated to food banks and charitable organizations through a bill Rep. David Talerico.

Permanent Fund Dividend Land Sale

Representative David Talerico introduces a bill to create a fair and equitable way for the State to offer quality land to Alaskans in exchange for their PFD.

Bill Hurting Alaska’s Oil and Gas Industry Moves to House Finance

House Republicans oppose the oil and gas tax bill introduced by House Resources Democratic Co-Chairs.

Protect Privacy and Safety By Repealing Real ID

A joint resolution urging our D.C. lawmakers to repeal the Real ID act of 2005 that has created an unfunded mandate and uncertainty for Alaskans.

Discovery of New North Slope Oil Highlights System Working

Alaska House Republicans applaud the historic discovery of oil on Alaska’s North Slope just and look forward to defending the current oil and gas tax system which helps make finds like this possible.

Public Safety & SB91 Town Hall in Mat-Su

Bring suggestions and concerns about public safety and SB91 to a three hour town hall at the Menard Sports Center Saturday March 4.

Budget Testimony Request From Anchorage, Interior and More

Alaskans who live in Anchorage, parts of the interior and places without a local Legislative Information Office have a small window to share their opposition on the budget proposal from House Majority Coalition.

Protect Permanent Fund and Avoid Income Tax

Alaskan's can protect their permanent fund and avoid an income tax by testifying. The proposed plan would have massive impacts but the window to provide public testimony is small.

Wilson Demands Immediate Action from Governor on OCS

Representative Tammie Wilson demands the Governor take action on the broken system at the Office of Children Services.

Millett thanks Governor for opioid epidemic action

Rep. Charisse Millett thanks Governor Bill Walker for his action on declaring Alaska's opioid epidemic a state disaster.

Creating better communication between law enforcement and disabled

A bill aimed at creating better communication between law enforcement and people with non-apparent disabilities.

Focus on Budget: Stop frivolous bills

Rep. DeLena Johnson asks fellow lawmakers to focus on budget and stop hearing frivolous bills.

Strengthening Alaska's Constitutional Spending Limit

Rep. Cathy Tilton introduces HJR 7 which proposes changes to existing language in Alaska’s constitution limiting annual spending. The Current provision has been ineffective.

Public testimony request on Office of Children's Services

Representative Tammie Wilson today announced statewide public testimony opportunities for Alaskans not satisfied with the current state of the Office of Children’s Services.

New Press Secretary

The Alaska House Republicans today announced that Mallory Walser will assume the role of press secretary for the caucus. She will begin a few days prior to the start of the 30th Legislative Session.

House Republicans new leadership

The new 18-member House Republican Caucus today released its organization, and stands ready to work with the incoming House Majority, Alaska Senate and Governor’s Administration.
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