30th Alaska State Legislature Adjourns Sine Die  

Sunday, May 13, 2018, Juneau, AK– Today, the Alaska State Legislatureadjourned the 30thLegislature. House Republicans remained committed to their guiding principles and conservative values, and fought for spending reductions, job creation, economic recovery, public safety and personal freedoms. 

“I’m filled with immense pride to have led such a dedicated group, who showed a strong commitment to Alaskans through countless hours targeting government efficiencies and budget reductions, fighting to pass important legislation and vetting proposals from colleagues and the Governor,” said House Republican Leader, Representative Charisse Millett (R – Anchorage). 

During the 30thLegislature, House Republicans offered legislation to improve the lives of Alaskans, strengthen public safety, reduce needless regulation, reduce the size and cost of government, and promote responsible resource and economic development. House Republicans stopped job-killing bills that would have taxed Alaskans, raised taxes on local businesses, stopped development projects, and grown government. 

While Republican proposals to reduce government by hundreds of millions of dollars were rejected by the House Majority who instead grew the budget, these amendments can still provide a framework for future streamlining and a reduction of government’s spending and footprint. 

“I was grateful to see some changes to our new SB 91 pre-trial system.   Between SB 54 and the changes this session we are able to give discretion and tools back to our judges and law-enforcement. While there is more to be done I'm hopeful the next legislature will build on the work this legislature has done on Public Safety,” said Finance Leader Representative Lance Pruitt (R – Anchorage). 

“This session we saw perhaps a record amount of bills to kill jobs and hurt desperately needed economic recovery. House Republicans were a firm ‘no’ to any bill that attempted to make it harder to invest, hire and do business in our state,” said House Republican Whip Mike Chenault (R – Nikiski). “Alaska will only return to economic prosperity if we emphasize job creation and local investment, and Republicans fought throughout this Legislature for those goals.”

“This legislature faced seemingly insurmountable challenges, but I’m proud our caucus was able to lead the way in supporting responsible solutions that will bring Alaska a stronger economy, safer communities, and a freer society,” said Floor Leader Rep. Dan Saddler (R – JBER/Eagle River). “I am particularly proud that we stopped an income tax, fulfilled our obligations to Alaska’s resource industry, and supported creating new jobs in private industry.”

House Republicans thank Alaskans for their support and engagement over the past two years and look forward to returning to their districts, and working with their constituents this interim.


House Republican Bills Passed in the 30thLegislature:


HB 6 – Creation of Jonesville Public Use Area (Rep. Rauscher, R – Sutton/Valdez) 

HB 16 – Drivers License Disability ID and training (Rep. Thompson, R – Fairbanks)

HB 97 – Repeal Alaska Fire Standards Tax Credit (Rep. Thompson, R – Fairbanks)

HB 143 – Naming the Daniel R Fauske Building (Rep. Chenault, R – Nikiski)

HB 147 – Extend Public Accounting Board (Rep. Thompson, R – Fairbanks)

HB 168 – Repeal Administrative Regulation Review Committee (Rep. Chenault, R – Nikiski) 

HB 186 – Remove Food Donations Liability (Rep. Talerico, R – Healy) 

HB 197 – Community Seed Libraries (Rep. Johnston, R – Anchorage) 

HB 213—Crimes Against Medical Professionals (Rep. Kopp, R – Anchorage)

HB 216 – Crime Survivors Restitution Fund (Rep. Chuck Kopp, R – Anchorage)

HB 260 – Electronic Hunting, Fishing & Trapping Licenses (Rep. Dan Saddler, R – JBER/Eagle River)

HB 323 – Extend Board of Pharmacy (Rep. Sullivan-Leonard, R – Wasilla)

HB 333 – Municipality option for cell phone limits (Rep. Chris Birch, R – Anchorage) 

HB 336 – Supportive Decision Making (Rep. Millett, R – Anchorage) 

HCR 10 – Uniform Rules on Regulation Review (Rep. Chenault, R – Nikiski) 

HJR 29 – Reauthorize Secure Rural Schools Act (Rep. Rauscher, R – Sutton/Valdez) 


SB 152 – Establishing September 11thas Patriot Day (Mirrors HB 344 from Rep. Eastman, R – Wasilla)

SB 185 – Reemployment of Retired Teachers & Administrators (Mirrors HB 224 from Rep. Johnston, R - Anchorage) 

SB202 – Native Corp. Liability for Contamination (Mirrors HB 367 from Rep. Millett, R – Anchorage)



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