Federal Budget Puts ANWR Closer to Development

Step in the Right Direction for Alaska’s Economy

JUNEAU, Alaska, Thursday, October 26, 2017 – All of Alaska should be cheering this latest step towards opening the 1002 Area of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge which could provide tens of thousands of jobs and additional oil in the pipeline. This is a result of Congress passing a budget which aims to generate funds through energy development.

“This news couldn't come at a better time. The governor and Democrats are trying to paint a dismal picture for Alaska, where they claim an income tax is necessary, but that's simply not true,” said Rep. Charisse Millett (R-Anchorage). “Unlocking Alaska’s natural resources is the best way to provide our state with financial stability. Massive discoveries of oil on the North Slope and the tremendous potential in ANWR show the age of oil is not over.”

Good policy is working in Alaska as demonstrated by the success of SB 21. Wednesday, we heard Alaska has seen 3 years of increased oil production, according to the Department of Natural Resources. Also, the Bureau of Land Management announced the largest ever National Petroleum Reserve – Alaska lease sale, opening up bidding to 10.3 million acres. ANWR holds an estimated 10.4 billion barrels of oil. 

“I'm proud to see Alaska represented in this federal budget. Expanding oil development will produce job growth in our state, while also contributing to energy dominance for our country,” said Rep. Mike Chenault (R-Nikiski).

“ANWR is a great example of what can happen when Alaskans work together. For decades, we have come together on this issue,” said Rep. Lance Pruitt (R-Anchorage). “Alaskans determination and tenacity have paid off and they should be proud of what they have done.” 

“Alaskans have prospered for decades thanks to responsible North Slope oil development, and we can extend that prosperity for decades more, without any need for punitive taxes, if we get the chance to explore the potentially rich reserves of the Coastal Plain and the eastern North Slope,” said Rep. Dan Saddler (R-Eagle River/JBER). 

This has been a nearly 40-year fight to unlock our resources. Alaska House Republicans thank our counterparts in Washington D.C. who are enabling an environment where industry and development are valued.


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