Protect Permanent Fund and Avoid Income Tax

Thursday March 2, 2017, Juneau, Alaska – If Alaskans want their voice to be heard on Alaska’s operating budget make time tomorrow to testify before members of the Finance Committee. The Majority Coalition has proposed to take over $4-billion from the Permanent Fund Earnings Reserve and add an income tax to pay for government spending.

“We need to reduce the size of government before taking money from my constituent’s pockets. I look forward to Alaskans sharing the potential hurtful impacts this proposal will have on them,” says Representative Charisse Millett (R-Anchorage).

The window for Alaskans to testify on this massive proposal is very small. Friday folks from Anchorage, Interior Alaska and other parts of the state will each get 2 minutes to share their thoughts.

“Public involvement is crucial,” says Representative George Rauscher (R-Sutton). “Given the current fiscal restraints, it is important that Alaskans share their thoughts so we can have the government we can afford, and not the government we want.”

Representative David Talerico (R-Healy) says, “The people I represent have already expressed to me that this budget proposal is not something they support. I hope their voices will be heard loud and clear Friday.”

People who want to provide public testimony will need to visit their local LIO. Those who live in areas without a local LIO should call 907-465-4648. Below is the schedule.

Friday, March 3, 2017

1:00 – 3:00 p.m. Anchorage

3:15 – 4:45 p.m. Delta Junction, Glennallen & Tok

5:00 – 6:00 p.m. Off net sites (call in)


For more information contact your local representative…

Rep.Charisse.Millett@akleg.gov, Rep.Lance.Pruitt@akleg.gov, Rep.Chris.Birch@akleg.gov, Rep.Jennifer.Johnston@akleg.gov, Rep.Chuck.Kopp@akleg.gov, Rep.Dan.Saddler@akleg.gov, Rep.David.Talerico@akleg.gov, Rep.George.Rauscher@akleg.gov 

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