‘Flawed Bill’ is a False Argument from ACLU

Reinbold proud of amendments that crack down on criminals

Tuesday, November 14, 2017, Eagle River, Alaska – Representative Lora Reinbold (R- Eagle River) wants to correct misinformation circulating about an amendment she put forward which addresses historic levels of car theft seen in Anchorage and surrounding communities. The American Civil Liberties Union is threatening a lawsuit that would benefit criminals stealing cars and committing all other Class C felonies, because it says the amendment is essentially too tough on these lawbreakers.

The amendment under undue scrutiny restores the sentencing bracket for Class C felonies to levels in place before Senate Bill 91. Under amendment 12, which passed with broad support on the House Floor, a first time Class C Felony offender can face up to 2 years in prison, whereas they shockingly faced zero active jail time under SB 91.

Similar changes were made under SB 91 and never resulted in lawsuits. One example provided by the Department of Law under SB 91 is Class A misdemeanors allowed for jail time (AS12.55.125€(1)), yet Class C Felonies did not allow for jail time (AS 12.55.135(a)(2)).

“I’m disappointed the ACLU is crying wolf now when there’s been inconsistencies for decades that have gone without action. Democrats in the House are trying to hide under the ACLU’s bluff as an excuse to back away from the progress made on Senate Bill 54. Alaskans want us to be tougher on crime, especially those who are stealing cars left and right, and this amendment does just that,” said Rep. Reinbold.

Rep. Reinbold introduced multiple amendments that would’ve given judges the power to sentence law breakers to harsher penalties, such as increased penalties for drug dealers and moving burglary into a higher classification of crime.

“I stand by all the amendments I put forward. I’m thankful for the ones which received enough support to pass, like amendment 12. This talk about a constitutional violation is just a distraction. If there’s truly an issue with ‘due process,’ as claimed by the ACLU, then a full repeal of SB 91 should be back on the table,” said Rep. Reinbold. “I will keep fighting for Alaskans victimized by crime, unlike the ACLU who fights for criminals. Public safety is governments most important mandate.”


For more information contact Rep. Reinbold staff member Carol Sampson at Carol.Sampson@akleg.gov or Press Secretary Mallory Walser at Mallory.Walser@akleg.gov

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