Focus on budget: Stop frivolous bills

Wednesday, February 15, 2017, Juneau, Alaska – Representative DeLena Johnson (R-Palmer) is urging fellow lawmakers to focus on bills related to the state's fiscal crisis. HCR6 was introduced today on the House Floor.

"Stop with the frivolous bills," says Rep. Johnson, "We have a duty to address the states multi- billion dollar deficit which is currently our states most pressing issue."

HCR6 is a resolution restricting committee meetings of the House to subjects related to the budget or revenue until an operating budget is passed. Rep. Johnson is disappointed that 30 days into the session some of the bills heard include taking selfies in voting boxes, wolf management outside Denali National Park and the validity of 2005 REAL ID act.

"I am eager to dig into the many bills put before me but first I want to focus on the right sizing government," says Rep. Johnson. "Future Alaskan's are depending on the work we do here today."

HCR6 has been referred to State Affairs and Judiciary committees.



For more information contact Rep. Johnson's office at 907.465.4958 or email her at Rep.DeLena.Johnson@akleg.gov 

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