Bill Adding Child Safety in School Zones Passes Legislature

Municipalities could limit certain cell phone use while driving in school zones 

Tuesday, May 1, 2018, Juneau, AK – Passage of House Bill 333 provides municipalities an additional tool for increasing student safety. The bill gives municipalities the ability to limit cell phone use while driving in a school zone. Representative Chris Birch (R- Anchorage) put forward the bill.

“This is a straight forward way to improve safety for the students, visitors and staff at our schools. Removing some of the dangers of cellphone use while driving in active school zones or on school property just makes sense,” said Rep. Birch.

Current state statues require traffic laws be uniform across the state unless a municipality demonstrates a special problem. HB 333 grants each municipality the choice to adopt an ordinance limiting certain cellphone use in an active school zone or on school grounds.

“Municipalities should be allowed to make the choice for themselves on how to increase safety of students and staff, in and around schools. I’m thankful for the initiative and support of constituents, schools and communities for this no-nonsense legislation,” said Rep. Birch.

HB 333 passed the Senate unanimously on Monday April 30 and passed the House on a concurrence vote of 37 to 1. The bill now moves onto the desk of the governor for his signature.


For more information contact Press Secretary Mallory Walser at Mallory.Walser@akleg.gov  

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