House Republicans Push Back Against Taxation Agenda

Presentation focuses on multiple ways to take from Alaskans

Monday, May 1, 2017, Juneau, Alaska – House Republicans listened to several tax models that would cripple the state’s economy by unfairly pinching the pockets of hardworking Alaskans. It’s become apparent if House Democrats can’t get all the money they want through an income tax they’ll just add on other taxes.

“It’s disappointing on the 105th day of the session, we’re still hearing about new ways to take from Alaskans to grow government,” said Representative Lance Pruitt (R-Anchorage). “The numbers modeled today paint half a picture in order to justify an income tax. What about my neighbor who just lost his job or the Alaskan whose income just got cut in half?”

“The House Majority’s dogmatic insistence on an array of new taxes, up to and including a progressive income tax is an experiment in social engineering through wealth redistribution. It isn’t simply about new revenue,” said Representative Tammie Wilson (R-North Pole).

During Monday’s House Finance hearing, multiple tax models were reviewed, including income, sales, investment, and payroll taxes. Democrats and the Governor have also put forward bills to increase taxes on motor fuels and the oil and gas industry.

“Alaskans have told me they expect further spending reductions before even discussing any new revenue measures. I’ve focused my efforts on cutting spending, while House Democrats have focused their efforts on proposing a suite of new taxes to finance their spending increases,” said Rep. Cathy Tilton (R-Chugiak/Mat-Su).

“House Democrats believe taxes will solve the state’s budget deficit, yet they seem to forget Alaska’s recession. During times of economic hardship, new taxes should be a last resort. Instead, our efforts should focus on increasing resource development that puts Alaskans back to work, and creating investment strategies that protect and grow our Permanent Fund principal so it can provide increased earnings and PFDs into the future,” Rep. Steve Thompson (R-Fairbanks) commented.

The presentation from the left-leaning D.C. think tank, Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy, clearly illustrated the House Majority’s commitment to a “tax and spend” philosophy. Throughout the session, House Democrats have shown no appetite to the “reasonable reductions” for which they say they’re committed.    


For more information contact House Finance members at Rep.Lance.Pruitt@akleg.gov, Rep.Cathy.Tilton@akleg.gov, Rep.Tammie.Wilson@akleg.gov, Rep.Steve.Thompson@akleg.gov



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