Jonesville Hikers, Riders & Shooters Closer to Safety

Passage of HB 6 marks progress towards public use area

Thursday, April 5, 2018, Juneau, Alaska – Alaskans who have requested a safer hiking, riding and shooting experience in the area known as Jonesville have been heard by House Representatives. Today a bill creating safety guidelines and management for the area passed the House by unanimous vote. 

“I’m glad the needed safety of Alaskans visiting or living in my district, has been recognized on the House Floor today,” said Representative George Rauscher (R-Sutton). Recognizing the importance of creating a safer outdoor space Rep. Rauscher put forward this bill in December of 2016, before even stepping foot in the capitol for his freshman year in legislature.

House Bill 6 would establish a Jonesville Public Use Area allowing defined areas for various activities, which will increase safety for all who visit. HB 6 would also provide protection and maintenance of migratory waterfowl nesting areas and habitats for fish and wildlife while allowing continued access for miners and those who own private property. 

“This area has so much potential for wholesome recreation but it’s become riddled with dangers. The intention of the Jonesville Public Use Area is through light management it will create a safer space for those who want to hike, snowmachine, four-wheel, cross country ski and shoot,” said Rep. Rauscher.

Before even heading to the House Floor Thursday for a vote this bill earned 21 co-sponsors, providing enough votes for passage. 

HB 6 will now be under consideration by the Senate.Senate Bill 65 mirrors HB 6 and recently passed the Senate floor with unanimous support.


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