New Jonesville Public Use Area Promises Safer Experience for Hikers, Bikers and Shooters

Thursday, June 07, 2018, Sutton, Alaska – Hikers, bikers and recreational shooters will now be able to have a safer and more enjoyable experience in the Jonesville Area thanks to legislation signed into law this morning. House Bill 6, sponsored by Rep. George Rauscher (R-Sutton), creates the new Jonesville Public Use Area and starts the process for a new management system and safety guidelines for the area.

“The Jonesville Area has always been a magnet for Alaskans and their families seeking a pleasurable outdoor experience,” said Representative Rauscher. “By defining areas for various summer and winter activities, we are making the area safer for all user groups while preserving the Jonesville Area for future generations of Alaskans.”

Located off the Glenn Highway near Sutton, the new Jonesville Public Use Area covers seventeen square miles of state land. Once the new management plan is created it will also provide protection and maintenance of migratory waterfowl nesting areas and habitats for fish and wildlife while allowing continued access for miners and those who own private property.

“Over the years the Jonesville Area developed a reputation as a place for illegal and sometimes dangerous activities. The intention of the Jonesville Public Use Area is through light management, designed by the community and user groups, to stop the troublemakers and create a safer space for those who want to hike, snowmachine, four-wheel, cross country ski and shoot,” said Rep. Rauscher.

HB 6 unanimously passed both the house and senate during this year’s legislative session.

For more information contact Rep. Rauscher at Rep.George.Rauscher@akleg.gov or Press Secretary Jeff Turner at Jeff.Turner@akleg.gov

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