No Justice for Legislative Sexual Harassment Victims

The Legislature continues to fail victims

Thursday, January 25, 2018, Juneau, Alaska – Today the Sexual Harassment Policy Subcommittee had an opportunity to request a third-party review on the handling of past and newly developed sexual harassment policies, in an effort to ensure updated policies will actually protect women, and men, working within the capitol. The request for the third-party review comes 10 months after a report was filed and a victim was left in the dark. Since light was shed on this case, multiple Alaska House Republican members have requested a third-party review.

“Today the Legislature once again failed to support the courageous victim who came forward publicly seeking justice and employees within the capitol building will be no safer than the strong woman who brought this to our attention,” said Representative Tammie Wilson (R- North Pole).  

Rep. Wilson stands alongside House Republicans who requested an outside agency or firm to review cases, including the incident during the 2017 Legislative session that created an unsafe working environment. All legislative employees who have filed a sexual harassment complaint must be assured that we have a process in place whereby sexual harassment allegations are taken seriously, investigated swiftly and proper action taken. 

“Who could possibly object to an independent firm reviewing its past actions? It is imperative that the new policy will truly protect those that have been victimized and that can only be accomplished with a third-party review,” said Rep. Wilson. “I will continue to stand up and fight for these victims.” 


For more information contact Press Secretary Mallory Walser at Mallory.Walser@akleg.gov

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