Rauscher Demands Explanation for Delta Jct. Area Park Cuts


Friday, June 30, 2017, Juneau, Alaska - Representative George Rauscher is seeking information from the Governor’s office and the Department of Natural Resources as to the reasons why the state parks and recreation sites in the Delta Junction area had the rangers cut in the operating budget.

“I’ve asked the Governor’s office and the Department of Natural Resources why rangers for the Delta area parks over other parks in the state,” Rauscher said. “The only cut to the Parks Management Component of the budget was $328,000 that funded the staff positions serving the Delta Jct. area sites. The people of the area deserve an explanation as to why the parks in their backyard are being targeted.”

Two Park Specialists and a maintenance position were eliminated that serve six parks and recreation sites in the region. The sites include Delta State Historic Park, Clearwater State Recreation Site, Delta State Recreation Site, Donnelly Creek Recreation Site, Fielding Lake Recreation Site, and Quartz Lake Recreation Site.

Rep. Rauscher pointed out the elimination of the park staff is contrary to what the governor’s

proposed budget stated as a priority for parks management. The governor’s budget proposal states, increased visitation coupled with a decrease in the number of rangers has resulted in greater difficulty deterring illegal behavior in state parks. It goes on to say that placing facilities in passive management, increases the risk of damage and additional deferred maintenance.

“The people of the area are frustrated,” Rauscher said. “They are losing services and want to know why. It is time for the governor and his administration to answer the question. Why Delta Junction?

“The state asked for community support in the past, and the people invested in the parks,” Rauscher continued. “They stepped up and raised about $50,000, through a GoFundMe campaign, to shore up the eroding river bank at the Delta State Historic Park. Now the state is

pulling support to these parks without explanation.”
For more information contact Rep. Rauscher's office at 907-373-6287

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