Rep. Johnson Statement on Casting Deciding PFD Vote

Monday, March 26, 2018, Juneau, Alaska – Representative DeLena Johnson (R- Palmer) releases the following statement on her casting the deciding vote to amend the House operating budget to include a full dividend payment for all Alaskans.

“The Democrat-led House Majority has blocked amendment after amendment intended to keep this budgeting process realistic and in line with what the people of Alaska have every right to expect.  Today’s vote to include the full PFD pay out in the House version of our budget is a big win for all Alaskans and sends a clear message that the will of the people must be respected. I am very happy to have cast the deciding vote.”  

“While there were a few surprise votes for and against the measure, in the end it all came down to one choice, and I voted the will of my constituents and in my belief, for the benefit of all Alaskans.” 


For more information contact Press Secretary Mallory Walser at Mallory.Walser@akleg.gov

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