Rep. Millett and Tilton Stand With Concerned Neighbors

Anchorage residents ignored by Assembly after pleas for SB91 Repeal

Wednesday, October 11, 2017 -  Yesterday, the Anchorage Assembly took action on two resolutions relating to the controversial SB 91 and a potential “fix it” bill, SB 54.  On Saturday, the Assembly heard hours of public testimony.  Over 100 of those who testified, a large majority, requested that the Assembly unequivocally support a repeal of Senate Bill 91. Despite the overwhelming support for a repeal, the Assembly failed to pass a resolution to that effect. 

Representatives Charisse Millett and Cathy Tilton were in attendance and are both disappointed that the Anchorage Assembly is not listening to its community members.

"While the Assembly failed to reflect the will of the Anchorage residents who took time out of their lives to plead for change, I was listening," said Rep. Millett. "I will be taking your stories and support for a repeal to Juneau."

Rep. Tilton stated, “Representing parts of Anchorage and the Mat-Su, my constituents share the feelings expressed at the Anchorage Assembly work session and other forums.  It is disappointing that a majority of the Assembly chose to disregard the shared sentiments of our fellow residents. I will join Rep. Millett in supporting a repeal.”

Representative Millett represents the Lower Hillside/Abbott Loop area of Anchorage. Representative Tilton represents the district spanning from Chugiak to Mat-Su. Both express their incredible gratitude for the courageous testimony and attendance at last night's Assembly meeting. They will be sharing the opinions reflected at the meeting during the upcoming special session. 


For more information contact Rep. Millett’s office at Rep.Charisse.Millett@akleg.gov or Rep. Tilton’s office at Rep.Cathy.Tilton@akleg.gov

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