Rep. Rauscher Calls for Review of State Voter Rolls

Convicted felon listed on a Sutton precinct register 

Tuesday, September 4, 2018, Sutton, Alaska – Following the discovery this week that the name of a known felon, ineligible to vote under state law, was on a precinct list for the August 21 primary election in Sutton, Rep. George Rauscher (R-Sutton) has formally requested the Alaska Division of Elections to investigate. His request comes after he was notified that a felon was included on the voter precinct register in Sutton for the August 21 primary election. He then notified the Division of Elections. 

“Protecting the integrity of Alaska’s election process is of the utmost importance,” Said Rep. Rauscher. “My request, if it is conducted, will give Alaskans confidence that the integrity of all future elections is indisputable.” 

Representative Rauscher is requesting a two-part investigation. First, determine exactly why the felon went undetected on the voter rolls and second, conduct a statewide review of all precinct lists to determine if there were any more ineligible felons listed and to remove their names prior to the November election. 

Division of Elections officials quickly removed the felon’s name from the voter rolls and stated that more needs to be done to ensure Elections is receiving accurate information about the status of felons released from state custody. 

“The fact that even one convicted felon was erroneously considered eligible to vote deeply concerns me,” said Rauscher. “I urge the Division of Elections to take action as quickly as possible.”

For more information, please contact Representative George Rauscher  at 907-373-6287 or Press Secretary Jeff Turner at 907-529-4999. 



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