Speaker of The House Does Not Speak For “The House”

Rep. Wilson vocalizes her disagreements with Speakers Op-Ed

Wednesday, August 23, 2017, North Pole, AK - An opinion article recently co-authored by the Speaker of the House shows the kind of closedminded attitude Alaska needs to avoid if economic growth and long term prosperity is to be achieved. Representative Tammie Wilson (R - North Pole) supports safe and responsible resource development and would like to see leaders of the legislature to be at the least open to discussing those possibilities.

In the article Speaker Bryce Edgmon stated he would not attend a meeting with Pebble Mine advisors, now or ever. The article goes on to say that discussions are an utter waste of time. Rep. Wilson is baffled that Speaker Edgmon is so eager to shutter dialog on the prospect of economic development in rural Alaska.

“We have been hearing how Alaska is in a fiscal crisis. The unemployment rate is at one of the highest ever. To dismiss any opportunity to discuss potential development of Alaska is irresponsible and disingenuous,” said Rep. Wilson, “particularly when the Speaker promotes taxing hard working

Alaskans to pay for big government, entitlement programs and DEC industry stifling regulations.”

The Alaska State Constitution mandates that Alaska’s natural resources be developed in the best interest of all Alaskans. This is another example of how the Democrat leadership of the House is closed-minded and not looking out for the prosperity of our great state.


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