Statement on Proclamation From Rep. Sullivan-Leonard 

Friday, September 22, 2017, Wasilla, Alaska – Representative Colleen Sullivan-Leonard (R-Wasilla) released the following statement in response to the governor’s proclamation.

“I am concerned with Governor Walkers request for the Legislative body to convene in Juneau for a fourth session is an effort to push an income tax on hard working Alaskans. 

Interesting to note that the Administration believes the income tax will bring in over $300 million dollars of revenue, when our House Republicans clearly identified reductions in state government to the tune of over $300 million. These were thoughtful reductions that were not even given fair discussion in committee or on the House Floor.

Now is not the time to impose new taxes, instead we should be reducing the size of government. My community continues to be challenged by the recession and are faced with a staggering 8.4% unemployment rate. This is after taking half of their PFD checks! 

I continue to request that we hold any special session in Anchorage to facilitate meetings closer to home and to decrease per diem and travel expenses. It is expensive to travel to Juneau and we don't need to spend money the state doesn't have!

In looking at revenue that may assist the challenges with public safety and SB 91, it has been reported from the Division of Revenue that the taxes collected from cannabis sales have reached over $1.4 million dollars since October 2016. May 2017 showed a collection of $276,600, the highest recorded thus far for cannabis tax. That money should go directly into needs for Public Safety to fight the increase in drugs and crime in our communities.”


For more information contact Representative Sullivan-Leonard by email at Rep.Colleen.Sullivan-Leonard@akleg.gov


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