Unbalanced Climate Team Will Cost Alaskans
Review of 15-member team selected by governor needed

Tuesday, December 19, 2017, Nikiski, Alaska – During a time when Alaska should be cutting back on unnecessary spending and encouraging resource industry input and development, Governor Walker is doing the exact opposite in the eyes of Representative Mike Chenault (R-Nikiski) who points to the Governor’s Climate Change Team. Recent revelations about the salaries and the obvious left leaning foundation should draw concern.

“This team is going to cost Alaskans in more ways than one. Limited input from resource industries and large expenses from travel, per diem and salary for the state employees on the commission, all add up to bad news for Alaska,” said Rep. Chenault.

One member of the team, reportedly making $145,000 a year in salary alone, is based out of Seattle, requiring air travel commute, receives per diem and associated costs.

said Representative Chenault.

“Although there is concern over climate change, as a resource state there should be representation from not only the oil industry, but the mining, timber and business community as well. This commission is sorely lacking from the fact that it does not represent equally all the different factions that play a key role in our state, said Rep Chenault. There needs to be a more balanced approach if the commission is going to make recommendations to the administration.”

Alaskans should be aware of this unbalanced working group and its unnecessary cost. Representative Chenault would like to see reconsideration of the currently selected positions.


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