Wilson Calling for Resignation of House Rules Chair

Rep. LeDoux failed to take action in spring sexual harassment case
Friday, January 5, 2018, North Pole, Alaska - Representative Tammie Wilson (R-North Pole) is calling for the resignation of House Rules Chair Rep. Gabrielle LeDoux for failure to meet the requirements of her position and placing legislative staff safety at risk. Rep. Wilson refuses to go along with the dog and pony show currently being put on by House leadership.
Since March a sexual harassment complaint from a staffer accusing a sitting legislator of wrong doing sat neglected by Rep. LeDoux, whose role includes protecting legislative staff. Her inaction in that case likely allowed more individuals to be victimized. Just recently Rep. LeDoux announced sexual harassment training would be required for all staff and legislators. She went on to threaten Rep. Wilson that if for any reason she chose not to participate in the training then she would fire her session staff.
“Its disingenuous to hear the Rules Chair say sexual harassment is a priority, when for months nothing was done about a case involving their own,” said Rep. Wilson. “I support sexual harassment training. What I cannot support is using training as an excuse for disregarding duties as Rules Chair.”
On December 20, 2017, Rep. Wilson sent a request to Rep. LeDoux requesting a third-party investigation to review all sexual harassment complaints, which would include the neglected case from March. In her request Wilson stated, “All employees who have filed a complaint of sexual harassment must be assured that we have a process in place whereby sexual harassment allegations are taken seriously and investigated swiftly, thoroughly, justly, and, after the review they are not stigmatized or retaliated against.”
Rep. Wilson wants the past victim to be vindicated and the cover up to be investigated. She also raises questions about what consequences there will be for those who covered-up these allegations? What recourse can victims take against those whose inaction allowed them to be violated?
“Rep. LeDoux failed to do her job to protect staff and continues to allow the cover-up of the Democrat led leadership of the House,” said Rep. Wilson. “It’s time for her to resign.”
For more information contact Press Secretary Mallory Walser at Mallory.Walser@akleg.gov
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