Wilson Demands Immediate Action from Governor on OCS

Wednesday February 22, 2017, Juneau, Alaska – Representative Tammie Wilson is calling on the Governor to take action on the broken system at the Office of Children Services.

Rep. Wilson (R-North Pole) has done everything within her powers to draw attention to the major issues going on within OCS which include children taken from homes without good reason. This fall she called for a grand jury investigation of the office of Children’s services. The Grand Jury sent the request to the Ombudsman office and the Citizen Review Panel.

“More action needs to be taken than just two reviews,” said Rep. Wilson. “Children are suffering and families are being torn apart.”

People impacted by OCS actions had a chance to voice their concerns. Rep. Wilson held 6 public testimony opportunities in Mat-Su, Anchorage, Juneau, Bethel, Kenai and Fairbanks plus took phone calls from throughout the state. She heard almost 30 hours of stories from community leaders, business people, parents, grandparents and others affected by this agency. Testimony has been consistent with people saying their biggest issues are OCS lies and manipulates situations.

“It’s been appalling to hear what Alaskan’s have gone through,” says Rep. Wilson. “How many more families will have to be destroyed to get the attention of the administration?”

Rep. Wilson is calling on the Governor to take similar action as he did with the National Guard and the Department of Corrections. Both investigations led to reorganization and leadership changes.

“We just declared an emergency because of the opioid epidemic so what will it take for the same attention to be given to Alaskan families,” says Rep. Wilson. “Alaska has an enormous problem and to ignore it is not an option."

For more information, contact Rep. Wilson’s office at 907-465-4797. 

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