The benefits of using Kratom

Kratom is a product that is treated more negatively than positively. Whereas it used to be considered a stimulant that allowed farmers to compensate for the energy expended during the day, this plant is now perceived as a destructive product. However, according to several studies, it contains certain virtues. Here are some of the benefits of eating Kratom.

Reduce addiction

One of the benefits you get from consuming Kratom is the reduction of addiction. Click on to read about all the benefits of this herb. In fact, according to a study conducted on rats in 2018, it is approved that mitragynine, the most represented component in this plant, helps to reduce heroin addiction. Another study carried out in 2019 shows that the same mitragynine contributes to the reduction of morphine addiction. Other studies mention that this substance could also reduce opioid addiction. For more assurance on these results, a survey was conducted on 3000 consumers online. Thus, 90% of them reveal that this product is indeed effective in fighting drug addiction.

Pain relief

Kratom is also effective in relieving your pain. In fact, this is the item that has boosted the use of this product. Also, many studies have confirmed this virtue. The latest study to confirm this conclusion dates from 2020. According to the results of a treatment carried out on rats, it is revealed that mitragynine also helps to reduce the pain caused by chemotherapy. To achieve this result, the rats were injected with mitragynin for 7 days at a dose of 5 mg/kg. At the end of the injection period, the pain experienced was significantly reduced. This treatment concerns joint pain, back pain, osteomalacia, etc.