Which pairs of shoes are a must-have in your wardrobe?

Women are notorious for having an impressive collection of shoes. Yes, we want a pair that matches our outfit and style, which multiplies the number of shoes considerably. To be prepared for any situation, certain pairs of shoes are indispensable.

Black pumps

If there is one pair of shoes that you absolutely must have in your dressing room, it is black pumps. They are timeless, give you a very feminine side and adapt to different clothing styles. You can wear them with a trouser suit, jeans or a little black dress. These pumps will accompany you to all your parties. Click on extra resources to access a blog about shoes


Trainers are one of the must-have shoes that every girl must have. When you go out on a night out in your high heels, you’ll appreciate being able to swap them for a good pair of trainers when the evening is well underway. Their comfort is their main asset. They come in many styles and designs today, you will find the one that appeals to you.

Evening shoes

You have to have a pair of shoes that will match your pretty outfits when you go to an evening party. So they make you a pair of evening shoes or even several. They can be golden, glittery, with original patterns. The whole point is that it does not go unnoticed, these shoes must be an integral part of your outfit.

The high boots

In leather, suede, flat, with heels, high boots come in a wide variety but always remain the essential ally you must have for autumn and winter. You can’t do without them no matter what the trends are or what your clothing style is. So if you don’t have any in your wardrobe yet, go and buy some. Here is a list of shoes with descriptions.