Why protect your personal data on the web?

With the development of the internet, your personal data and all the information you leave online has become a gold mine for many businesses. Indeed, your data is resold dearly to third parties to promote the targeted advertising. Your privacy is therefore more threatened than ever. Here is an article in which you will discover the importance of protecting your personal data on the internet.

Why protect your personal data on the internet

Every day on the internet, many websites record a huge amount of information about you (your name, your location, your connection time, your phone number, even your age, your gender or even your fingerprint). All this without you even realizing it. And, the majority of these free sites are owned by companies that are based on mining and selling data. These companies are making billions from this activity. Among them, we have Facebook, Google and Alphabet.

Information is indeed sold at a very high price to brands that want at all costs to know your purchasing habits and your priorities in order to match a profile to you and thus offer you targeted advertising.
Furthermore, many people do not realize the importance of their personal data even though they do not know who collects this information and how it will be used. Some of this information sometimes prevents them from benefiting from certain services such as making a loan for example.

In addition, your personal data can also be used by malicious people to deceive you, or even to usurp your identity. These people can for example use the photo of your identity card, the RIB and tax notices, which you may have sent to an unsecured site, in order to obtain a bank loan in your name, without even that you won’t realize.

Ultimately, you are constantly watched on the net. So be careful. Don’t let your privacy and fundamental freedoms be destroyed. Protect your personal data.