Why rent offshore hosting services from KoDDoS?

Hosting is a service that consists of storing information on a single server in order to ensure protection and easy access. For this reason, it is crucial for a company to perform it. However, entrusting your offshore hosting to a high end service is a wise and responsible choice. Follow through this article, some reasons to use the services offered by koddos.

To secure your business

Ensuring the security of one’s business is a necessity that should not be neglected under any circumstances as an entrepreneur. And this falls under the umbrella of quality hosting. In this regard, Koddos offers you better offshore hosting services. As you know, cybercriminals use every bit of information to extort. If the hosting done is not of high quality, be sure that you have just wasted your money and wasted your money. With the services of koddos, you not only have a high-level hosting, but also with all kinds of impassable barriers.

For complete privacy of your data

To avoid any leakage of your data on the internet and keep a perfect privacy, you are going to need a discreet service. No doubt, koddos is a better choice. Their service includes confidentiality and anonymity of the offshore hosting done. In these terms, it only takes care of the task you entrust to them with an encryption where you will be the holder of the unlocking key.

What are the offers provided by the koddos service?

In addition, koddos offers you a variety of hosting services ranging from 10gbps to 350gbps. For high-risk hosting, the monthly rate is $140 with nearly 30gb of storage and DDos protection goes up to 200gbps. The same is true for remote DDos kproxy, except that the level of protection is limited to 150gbit/s. On the other hand, for a dedicated server, the monthly fee is $450 and the DDos protection goes up to 350 gbit/s.